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About Us

About us

Welcome to Westwire Solar, the unrivalled industry leaders when it comes to anything solar. A proud family owned and operated business, we have set our solid foundations on trust, transparency and loyalty towards not only our trade but our clientele. Here at Westwire Solar, we take great pride in adapting our operations according to our customers’ needs. You are selecting a company that is ahead of the curve regarding solar systems technology. Benefit from the direct advantages of our premium solar panel systems and experience the difference clean and sustainable energy provides through harnessing solar output. Our staff and accredited personnel will guide you through all procedures and services that include, but are not limited to, commercial and domestic solar power installations.

Encompassing the quality of the products offered here with a state of the art team of professionals dedicated to offering outstanding customer support allows us to provide superior advice throughout the installation process. This is what sets us apart here at Westwire Solar and has established us as the smart option for all solar needs. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of solar powering systems and experience obtained throughout the years, we can adapt to the shifting requirements of the operations carried out according to domestic, commercial and industrial standards, whilst ensuring we provide you with the utmost reliable and sustainable solutions for your project. Save time and money with slashing your energy costs whilst benefitting from efficient clean energy harnessed from solar. Contact us today for more information about Government rebates and our second to none services here at Westwire Solar.


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