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Solar Panel Products

Developing future with solar solutions


Westwire Solar is the preferred provider of solar panels for both commercial and residential application, with superior installation services that adapt to any budget. We embrace innovation and smooth the process of adapting to new energy technologies that outshine other rather obsolete energy systems which are costly. We have all the solar panels products required to convert solar energy directly from sunlight into energy. The photovoltaic modules provided by Westwire Solar are second to none in terms of quality, completely able to withstand the harsh Australian climate and keep working at full potential.


Select Westwire Solar for the installation of your brand-new solar panels and save a lot of money on energy bills while you contribute to the preservation of the environment reducing green house gas emissions considerably. We provide superior customer support post-installation, with maintenance tips to maximise the efficiency of your new system on an ongoing basis.


Changing our energy systems for more sustainable and reliable solar panel products will consistently improve daily energy consumption no matter the scale of your business or household.


Westwire Solar is your ally in this area if you want to enjoy clean energy and reduce household or business’s operational costs.

Solar Power Services

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Commercial Solar Power

Westwire Solar are the leaders of solar powered commercial installations that are designed to boost your energy savings and provide your commercial property with efficient and clean energy. Quality, length of life and overall performance all play a pivotal role in how your solar panels will perform in time. Here at Westwire Solar, we will liaise with you to understand your c

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Home Solar Power

Experience the difference and feel the power of the sun through us here at Westwire Solar. We are the leading team in installing exceptional quality home solar power systems. Bringing the power of the sun to you!
At Westwire Solar, our main goal is to bring innovation to residential premises with our cost-efficient solar energy technology. As we keep working towards ex

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Solar Power Technology

It all began in 1839, when Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect; which explains how electricity can be generated from sunlight. He claimed that “shining light on an electrode submerged in a conductive solution would create an electric current.” Solar power is a rapidly developing energy source in Australia and around the world. The potential for