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Power is an understatement when you deal with electrical geniuses. Experience the feeling of engineering excellence with state of the art solar inverter repairs Templestowe services at equitable prices from the industry leading team here at Westwire Solar. Our knowledge, reliability and expertise shine and we guide our clients and explain any potential issues the inverter is facing.

We endeavour to administer exceptional and high-quality solar panel installations for all residential, commercial and industrial projects alongside leading solar inverter repairs Templestowe. With over 60 years of combined experience and knowledge in the industry we are unrivalled when it comes to providing clients with the best solar inverter repairs Templestowe. A proud family owned and operated business we have erected our foundations on trust, transparency and loyalty towards not only our trade but our impeccable clientele. Here at Westwire Solar, we take great pride in adapting our operations according to our customers’ needs. When it comes to the best solar deals and repairs in Templestowe, we are your number one choice!

At Westwire Solar, we provide professional maintenance service and repair to selected inverter brands. We comprehend the importance of keeping your inverter working at full potential as it is an integral piece that keeps your solar energy system up and running. With the professional assistance of our professional team specialised in repairing and making sure your inverter is back to normal, you can have peace of mind knowing servicing your system is hassle free, without compromising your budget. When you hear the phrase “solar inverter repairs Templestowe” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company – the industry leading team here at Westwire Solar. Contact us, today for additional insight on our services and how we can assist you.

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