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DC Isolator Recalls

One of the issues that commonly affect any solar energy system are DC isolator recalls. It is necessary to ensure these products are working properly so they are not an issue that involves safety or the optimal functioning of the system. It is strongly advised to check the list of DC isolator recall to date or speak to one of our professionals for more information.

DC isolator recall typically occur due to fire hazard and pose as a serious safety issue if not followed. If you are not sure about the system working as it should be working, we suggest a complete shutdown according to the guidance provided and contact our superior customer service and support centre so they can assist you and determine if it’s safe to turn the system back on.

You can schedule a system health check with us today to determine if a replacement is needed or if repair will suffice. Speak to us if you want more information about this process, we will be glad to provide you with the answers you require. Experience the Westwire Solar difference for yourself today.