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Basics of Battery Storage

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Basics of Battery Storage

The “how-to’s” of battery storage

Looking for the most efficient way to drop your electric bill and ensure your commercial building or household remains a comfortable place to complete daily tasks without problems? At Westwire Solar, we have the most suitable solution for you. With the use of cost-effective battery systems and solar energy systems you can enjoy the superior benefits of energy without having to pay extra costs for using them in peak rates schedules. We only offer world-class battery storage solutions that can be installed in both, residential and commercial facilities.
By acquiring a battery storage system businesses and households can:

  1. Optimise the use of solar power, selecting the time of the night when they want to consume the excess of solar energy produced during the day.
  2. Preventing the use of electric energy during peak times when tariffs are higher than usual.
  3. A sustainable and reliable backup power system that provides an immediate solution in the event of a power outage, when you need energy the most.

Battery storage is an excellent way to embrace innovation and optimise energy consumption plans in your business or household.

The incorporation of these batteries to your premises is also an excellent way to contribute to the environment as you will prevent the use of electric energy in the night time which produces green house gas emissions that affect climate change. This is very advanced and innovative technology made according to the latest studies in the subject, working with Westwire Solar ensures you will consistently improve energy efficiency whilst avoiding costly energy bills.